incan shamanic medicine wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a cross-cultural ancient cycle of learning and healing. It is a process by which we learn teachings, practices and tools that bring us into ayni, a Quechuan term that means balance, reciprocity, right relationship and joy.

These teachings came to North America through the prophecies of North, Central and South American indigenous peoples. This specific lineage is from the Q’ero people of the Andes in Peru; descendants of the Inca, who built Machu Pichu.

The teachings are simple, profound and available to any person on this earth-walk who seeks them out.

In the Wheel you will:

  • build a medicine bundle or 'body', called a mesa; your own personal bundle of healing and guidance;
  • build your ayllu, a Quechuan word for family and community;
  • reconnect with nature in a way that allows you to be informed by the earth and the sky and encourages right relationship with both.

This training is the discovery of love, for one’s self and others, while inheriting a system of tools that bring about balance. It is a way of ‘waking up’ and accessing energy techniques and practices that alter lives.

The Retreats

The Four Directions

The wheel occurs over the course of a year through four separate, two and a half day retreats - one in each season and corresponding cardinal direction.

The South • Serpent; the healer
• Shedding stories that no longer serve us
• Living in 'ayni' with all of creation
• Learning to heal ourselves

We begin in the south where we learn the ways of Sachamama, the serpent. We work with the archetype of Healer, who guides us into being our own greatest healers. We learn to look at our stories and how they influence our realities, and we are given energy techniques and practices that aid us in shedding the ones that do not serve us. We are taught about living in ayni with ourselves and everything around us.

The West • Jaguar; the luminous warrior
• Tracking our reality
• Facing the shadow
• Walking with no enemies
• Integrity and impeccability

In the west, we work with Ottorongo, the jaguar. We work with the archetype of Warrior, learning how to become light warriors, walking with no enemies in this lifetime or the next. The tools and teachings of this direction guide us into having our heart-needs met. We learn how to track our realities for those ways that do not serve us, fostering impeccability and integrity. We learn to convert the areas of our lives that hold darkness or disorganization, into places of truth and joy. We learn to embrace the setting sun.

The North • Hummingbird; the teacher
• Engaging life with joy
• Becoming our own teachers
• Practicing ceremony
• Heart-centered living

In the north, we work with the hummingbird, Siwarkente, the joy bringer, and with the archetype of the Teacher. We learn how to defy our own gravity, engaging fully with and drinking directly from the nectar of life. We work with time and space in a different manner to move beyond our preconceived roles. We learn about the ancestors, the mountains and ancient ways of gifting with ceremony to bring us into balance with the earth, Pachamama.

The East • Eagle and Condor; the visionary
• Learning to self-reference
• Flying wing-tip to wing-tip with the Divine
• Aligning with our calling
• Objectivity and focus

In the east, we work with Apuchine and Kuntor, the Eagle and the Condor. We work with the archetype of the Seer or Visionary, illuminating our destinies for ourselves. We work on how to live and think and act from our hearts, to see clearly from a place of referencing the Self, rather than outside or others. We learn objectivity and focus, how to fly wing-tip to wing-tip with the divine and align ourselves with our true calling.

In each direction, you will receive energy rites that are thousands of years old. These will aid you in all aspects of your life.

The Medicine Wheel will change the way you live, see, and die.

In thirty-two years of exploring the healing arts, I have never come across more life altering teachings. I am grateful and honoured to be able to share them. If you feel ‘tugged’ in any way towards this work, and can listen to that tug, there is a place that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time.