what clients have to say about nikki

Nikki is an authentic, engaging and genuine individual. As a teacher and healer, her work is powerful and profound. She employs traditional shamanic practices to help guide her clients on a unique path of personal growth and healing. A session with Nikki is a refreshing reminder that ordinary reality is not always as it seems.
— R.N. Real Estate Manager, Los Angeles, CA

Soul Retrieval with Nikki ~
I can honestly say that working with Nikki gave me back a part of myself that I thought was gone for good. I feared that I had waited too long and denied my true self and my path for so long that my light had dimmed past the point of waking it up again.
I’ve studied some shamanic techniques with other teachers and had other healings and soul retrievals done. I’ve gotten something out of all of my experiences, but the way that Nikki works with the series of sessions takes the whole thing to a much deeper and more profound level. Also, a much more effective level, I believe.
It’s also because of who Nikki is and the integrity and heart she brings to her healings. I found Nikki to be wise and kind and so sincerely honoring of who I am and my struggles, that I was even more able to allow change and healing to begin for me.
I was positively joyful and empowered through the process of my first soul retrieval with Nikki. I re-discovered my inner goddess and discovered for the first time the courage to let her out into this life and this world. I didn’t think it could get any better, until I did my second soul retrieval with Nikki. I love her with all my heart and soul and I appreciate the journey she’s taking to be able to share her life in this way.
— T.P. Writer, Jeweler, Super-mom, Los Angeles, CA

Since meeting Nikki some years ago after a concert of mine on the west coast of BC, I have been witness to her incredible talents as a healer and a reader. Her work is routed in the shamanic traditions and in addition she is constantly expanding her wisdom with a magnificent openness to her social and environmental surroundings, using it all to contribute to both her learning and teaching. Her tremendous gifts are evident before any reading or healing begins, through a powerful sensitivity and a strong presence in the now. Her contributions to my healing and life journey have been incredibly significant. One of the reasons I am not surprised by Nikki’s growing success is because she accesses the cosmos while simultaneously having two feet planted firmly on the ground. I feel this is a great gift which allows her to receive and service a vital amount of energy and knowledge which she is making accessible to anybody who is ready to take on their own path toward healing.
— S.N.M. Musician, Berlin, Germany & Paris, France

For a long time, I have been feeling an existential pressure to be the person some part of my psyche/soul has been yearning for, the aspects of myself suppressed, distorted, ignored or just flat out abused for survival. My work with Nikki is a gift to myself of assistance, information, tools and support, needed to initiate and sustain the deep core healing/shift desired for many years. The sessions are emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, gentle and/or intense, always profound and relevant. Being truthful, sometimes I would not recommend this work to my worst enemy and other times, I would give a session to my dearest friend knowing one session would make a difference. Nikki provides the energy, training, wisdom, and discernment of the shamanic teachings from Peru. Give yourself the gift of discovery.
— M.T. Minister, Energy Worker, Healer, Seattle, WA

Each session I have had with Nikki has been inspiring, uplifting, and created a real shift in my consciousness. The healing work she has done with me has been dramatic, it’s as though she has insight into my physical body as well as my soul. My world feels safer with Nikki in it!
— M.E. Social Worker, Los Angeles, CA

Nikki is an amazing intuitive healer! She has changed my life. She is uplifting and positive even when I am not feeling that, and has helped me to keep going and be strong. She has helped me clear a lot of stuff and has helped me to be more grounded. I recommend working with Nikki if you want a transformational healing experience and to empower yourself with the tools you will learn! Much Gratitude and Love!
— S.F. Photographer/RMT, Portland, OR

Every session I have undertaken with Nikki has brought about significant and lasting transformation in key areas of my life; I now have an active spiritual practice that nourishes and sustains me, and have learned to let go of many of the behaviours, and stories that no longer serve me, enabling me to embrace a new direction in life and honour my higher nature. Working with Nikki will change your life. It’s that simple.
— J. Lee, Non Profit Fundraising & Communications, Vancouver Island B.C

The Medicine Wheel ~
Since doing a medicine wheel with Nikki, the quality of my life has improved drastically. I feel that I am capable of being the person I want to be. I am no longer living in reaction to life’s events but am able to steer, choose and find my place of power, wisdom and positivity. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to be involved with Nikki and shamanic work.
— N.D. Boutique Owner, Galiano Island, B.C

The term, ‘it changed my life’, tends to be over used however, when working with Nikki it is an understatement. My mind and body respond to major life circumstances and decisions in a markedly different way. Fear and anxiety no longer have a controlling or sabotaging influence. Life feels like a journey to be enjoyed, no longer a series of experiences to be endured.
— D.G. Healer & Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

My family and I were lucky enough to find Nikki after going through three years of extremely hard emotional and physical traumas that overtook the lives of our whole family. Working with her has made it easier to endure the lasting effects of those unfortunate events and to get a new perspective on life as well as clearing so many old and buried emotional and spiritual issues. I am grateful for having Nikki in my life and hope that she will continue to learn and teach for many more years to come.
— M.R. Writer, Los Angeles, CA

I am not sure if I can adequately express some of the profound interactions I have had with Nikki. But I can say that she is truly inspirational and has a beautiful way of walking through this life. I have experienced the power of Nikki’s medicine, her healing touch, the knowledge she willingly offers, and the humbling intensity with which it all transpires. After a session with her, I physically stood taller than my partner who is three inches taller than I. While the whats and the hows may never be fully grasped, in my opinion, the whys are simple - because Nikki rocks! And seeking a more fulfilling and momentous life is certainly my cup of tea. Thank-you Nikki for being you… for being in my life.
— K.B.D. Occupational Therapist, Vancouver, B.C

After the first session that I had with Nikki I was able to reduce my insulin by 5 units and my blood work has remained steady. I also have COPD with asbestos on my lungs and my breathing has improved even though the doctors have told me that this disease gets progressively worse and can not get better. I have more energy and less pain in my body since I have been working with Nikki. I feel better than I have in many years and I am 79 years old. Thank you Nikki.
— R.J. Sr. Retired Longshoreman, Squamish Nation

Nikki’s private sessions are otherworldly in their power. Every time we’ve done work together, the shifts are palpable. Truth be told, I sometimes fear I won’t be able to “let go” or experience grand emotional releases like others on the path. I remember this thought crossed my mind as I pulled up to Nikki’s beautiful home in Squamish. However, once the healing commenced, the work was so deep, and so much bigger than my worldly doubts, I let it all go. There is simply no space for ego with this work. There were tears running down my face and my whole body was trembling as I released ancient wounds and tension I had been carrying. I was realigned with my higher self and purpose. I am forever grateful to Nikki and will continue to work with her as long as possible.
Nikki’s medicine wheel trainings are the most holistic spiritual teachings I’ve ever seen. They give you profound tools to interact with life, yourself, and Mother Earth. Expect to confront your shadow, your ego, and anything you’ve been carrying, knowingly or not, during this retreat. It seems the right people are always brought together with these medicine wheels. You will quickly form life long friendships with people who were strangers just hours before. If you are ready to learn to heal yourself and others, change your life for the better, and learn tools to disentangle yourself from the illusions of the material world, this training is for you.
— A.J. Yoga Instructor, Naturopath, Vancouver B.C

I have been working in many ways on my journey of personal growth, transformation, and healing over the years. I have worked with some very intelligent and insightful therapists (in both individual and group settings). I have worked with healers. I have done meditation and yoga for years. All of these things have had their worth and their value, but I can honestly say that nothing has effected me as deeply and powerfully in the moment, as the work I have done with Nikki. It is pretty much impossible to adequately describe what happens in a session with her. You can’t really describe what it is that actually happens. It just DOES! It is deep and transcendent and purging and healing and honorable and eternal. Nikki’s reverence for the power of this work is overwhelming, and there is something about her approach to what she does that I can only describe as holy. From the first session I had with her, I knew that I would be working with her when I could for the rest of my life. Her work is not for the light hearted. It is for those who wish to delve deep into their own persons. It is for those who are committed to getting at the heart of their wounds, their demons, and their personal blockages. I assure you that working with NIkki is a life changing experience for the better and that working with her will improve your mental and emotional health, your awareness, and your sense of self along the larger path in the universe.
— M.W. Actor, Los Angeles, CA

Nikki’s insights and warm speech has enlightened my reality in very critical times in my life. While hesitant to refer anyone in the esoteric world, I refer Nikki with confidence. I have deep trust in her work.
— D.B. Counsellor & Super-mom, Montreal, Quebec

Being a part of a year long commitment to personal growth with a group of like-minded people was a life changing experience. The tools for accessing growth that Nikki shares really worked for me. They are profound and the environment she provides is a safe container for all of us to work in a deeply contemplative, honest way. The time in between sessions was great because we all got to put our lessons into practice and we had some homework which helped keep me grounded in the practices. As a group we stayed connected to one another and supported each other through out the year-long experience. The lessons learned and the group dynamic fueled some radical freeing up of old patterns for many of us. Though I am no longer a mesa carrier I have kept the tools I learned of relating with a fresh perspective to the world, each other and myself intact.
— M.D. Yoga Instructor & Chef, Vancouver, B.C

Simply, Nikki is a great teacher and healer. She provides a sacred space with which to learn, integrate and practice (the) medicine effectively. It is a privilege to work with Nikki as her student, a patient and collaboratively as colleagues.
— J.A. Registered Acupuncturist, Victoria, B.C

The wheel has been one of the most profound and direct methods of healing and transformation I have experienced. After years of meditation, yoga, coaching, and therapy, I was still struggling to transcend some very ingrained patterns that were inhibiting me from living the life I wanted to live. I can’t put into words how the process of the wheel has helped me along this path, but it has shifted things in me and given me a trust in myself that I never would have thought possible. My life is different, and I am different in it. I have so much gratitude for you (Nikki) for sharing these teachings in the way that you do, and for the space that you hold. I am forever grateful for this journey and for being led to the wheel.
— T.W. Osteopath, Salt Spring Island, B.C

I have had the honour to study and receive the medicine from this majestic woman, Nikki Hainstock. Nikki has a profound ability to shape-shift to her surrounding environments in order to invite and hold a set of powerful Shamanic teachings. She graciously shares the medicine through a variety of treatments and practices. Nikki’s deep intuitive capacity opens hearts like a bolt of lightning. Her loving-kindness provides the strength needed to face and embrace karmic and ancestral imprints. Her honesty melts knots. Her smile soothes wounds. Nikki has guided me through soul journeys and the medicine wheel, which have brought about an incredible amount of healing. She led me into different realities, perceptions and perspectives, and provided me with very practical tools to assist in communication, intimacy and right-relationship. I hold a deep appreciation and respect for Nikki and her offerings.
— S.S-G, Counsellor, yogi, studio owner, Vancouver BC & Ibiza Spain