If you are interested in travelling to parts of the world and would like to experience these journeys within a spiritual framework, guided trips can be arranged, whether they be private or in a group.

There are many powerful locations in the world that hold specific earth energies and/or have hosted ceremony for generations. On journeys to these sacred locations, we work with local healers, teachers, farmers and artists, to learn the stories of the people and of the land.

While there are some places I have yet to visit and establish relationship, I am open to most places in the world and to learning and teaching the wisdom gathered there. That being said, I am particularly experienced and thrilled to offer Sacred Journeys to Peru, Canada, the US, Europe, and parts of Asia.

There is a shamanic teaching that guides us to always take our work seriously, but never ourselves. These trips, filled with magic, wisdom and deep teachings, encapsulate this teaching. We do serious and amazing work, while laughing and having an incredible time. We drink the nectar in each location and plant as many seeds of beauty within ourselves as we can hold. It is a joy and an honour to travel and journey in this way, delicious in all the delight the world has to offer.

Work with the Spirit Bear on BC’s north coast, or spend time with bears and whales on the far west coast of Vancouver Island. Travel by dugout in the Amazon, harvest from the Sacred Valley of the Inca, experience the awe and teachings of Machu Picchu or Huanapicchu, or learn from the volcanoes, the dolphins and the local elders of Hawaii. Discover petroglyphs in Mexico or the US desert and learn from the old paintings. Visit ancient European sites of which teachings and medicine might not be commonly shared. Work with elephants in Thailand, or help out in areas of crisis.

Many locations in the world have specific, ancient ceremonies that span generations. We are so incredibly fortunate in this day and age to be able to live out the ancient prophecies that teach us how to come together to heal and where we can access so much of the world and so many of it’s teachers and it’s earth walkers, like ourselves. So much fun my friends, and with so much gratitude.