Individuals and Couples Work

Intrusive Energy Removal

In these sessions I send prayers out for clearing anything that is impeding you on the path to your destiny. This can be anything from intrusive energies, curses, heartbreaks, stories, illnesses, genetic information or stories, past or present life soul retrievals and cord cutting. I track the four bodies - the physical, emotional, spiritual and luminous or energy body, and clear them. This is a general session that can be done in person or remotely.

Time: approx 1-2hrs
Cost: $250

Soul Retrieval (3 Session Process)

This is some of the strongest work I’ve experienced to affect change in the landscape of lives. It has blown my personal and professional healing up into such a profound place of witnessing long and short-term transformation.

When we experience woundings from this or other lifetimes or inherited from our families, pieces of us go missing, and those pieces bind us to contracts or behavior patterns.  I travel to Ukupacha, the Underworld, or the subconscious, however you may prefer to view it, and retrieve the pieces home to you. We work together on rewriting the contracts surrounding these wounds. For example, if your life is bound to a contract like, 'I cannot be successful', then all the problem/issue areas of your life could be the result of just this one core contract.

This is a 3 session process.

Time: 1st session 1.5-2hrs
         2nd session 0.5-1hr
         3rd session 1.5-2hrs
Cost: $600 distance work
         $750 in person

Assemblage Point Shifts

The assemblage point is where we gather and store information in our physical and energy bodies. In this work we move the assemblage point into the heart so that one can experience life from the heart. We suddenly find ourselves speaking our truth, loving ourselves and others differently, making choices that serve our heart or destiny with way less effort.

This can be done in one, two, or three sessions depending on the client.

Time: 1 hr per session
Cost: $200 per session

Affinity Removals

When we find that a certain theme is in dominance in our lives, it can often be stored in the spine. For example, you may always find yourself drawn to relationships or people that feel the same. We remove this 'magnetic-like' root so that the theme can move away from your reality.

Time: 1.5-2hrs
Cost: $250

Surrogate Session

This session is perfect if there is someone with whom you need to verbally communicate to clear an issue or get closure with, either living or dead. This work can be profound. It helps to gain insight and get answers from those whom we might not be able to speak with directly. We might have a question for a parent about something we went through as a child, or even something they went through as a child that never got discussed. When resentment and anger need to be moved but you would rather not take it out on a relationship, surrogate work can provide a channel for letting go and moving forward in a healthier way.

Time: 1.5-2hrs
Cost: $300

Double Soul Retrieval (3 Session Process) 

Perfect for couples, friends, families, parents and children, these sessions are for sourcing and clearing common wounds and contracts that are impeding relationship. For example, if both people in a relationship carry a contract like, 'my work is not understood', then not only would this effect their literal work environments and their experiences there, but it would mean that the mutual perception would be that the work each was doing in the relationship would not be seen or understood. These contracts can have massive impact on behaviour and subsequent experience of life.

These sessions can be done in person or remotely.

Time: 1st session 1.5hrs
         2nd session 1 hr
         3rd session 2 hrs
Cost: $800

Couples Shamanic Counseling

This work presents people with an opportunity to move and clear issues using methods other than talk therapy and processing. This is an amazing way to access and heal wounds so that relationships can move forward out of a place of challenge or stagnation.

Individual rates and protocols depending on issues needing to be addressed. These sessions can be done in person or remotely.

Time: 1-2hrs
Cost: $300

Family, Genetic or Group Soul Retrieval (3 Session Process)

This work is done on a whole, or part of a family, when there are tangible behaviors/stories/conditions/illnesses throughout a genetic line. This is powerful work to support families in moving away from operating out of wounds into wholeness. For example, if each member of a family has a contract like, 'I am not seen', then the whole family will have visibility issues - behaviors can become escalated in attempts to be visible, or perhaps no one gets ahead, unseen in their work environments and homes.

Please read above on Soul Retrieval. This can also be done with groups of friends or colleagues when there is a common issue or trauma.

Time: 1.5hrs, 1hr, 2hrs.
Cost: $600-$1200 depending on number of people

Crystal Healing

This is gentle work used to refine the energy system and charge the four centers of the body. Traditional Peruvian technique that encases your energy system into a giant crystal so that energy coming in or out refines when it leaves or enters your field. Simple and yet profound to deflect negative energies out there in the world or inside us.

Time: 1hr
Cost: $250

Customized Day Long Shamanic Healing & Journey

This is a personalized day of healing and shamanic learning that is cultivated for the individual or group. We will work together from 10am-8pm or sometimes later, doing everything from energy healings, to journeys, to sand-paintings (nature based mandalas), traveling to local sacred land and working out in nature. You will not only have the opportunity to do your own healing and transform wounds, but to learn some techniques and practices for yourself to carry with you as tools. This is a wonderful, powerful and intimate way to step into medicine practice in a safe and supported environment, where you can be guided to discover and create your own conscious medicine path.

Time: 10+hrs
Cost: $800-$1200

Customized Eight Session Protocol

Over these last ten years I have learned many things and have been privileged to witness healing in many people's lives. It is an honour that is hard to find words for.

Through this process of witnessing I have been guided to provide a new protocol for personal and collective healing. This has been a while in coming and I have done much praying around it.

Quite often, people come to me in crisis state when other healing modalities have not worked. This is amazing and shamanic work is incredible in dealing with these situations. However, shamanic work is also a progressive way to a happy healthy life generally.

Some of you might not be able to access this work more than you do due to the cost. For others, there might not be the awareness that this type of work can help with all aspects of life, from health to heart to happiness, to improving all relations, primarily with one’s Self. Many of us see therapists weekly, and might have done so for years. It is my belief that we can talk till the cows come home about our lives and our problems, but shamanic work can, on a daily basis, tangibly guide us through the healing of the wounds that shape our lives.

So, in regards to the above, I am now offering a longer term protocol for healing. This is for people who are seeking a shift in their lives and who are willing to engage whole-heartedly in their own healing process.

Time: 12-24 hours over 2-4 months
Cost: $1600

The Four Levels Of Engagement

Over a period of 2-4 months we will work together through healing on all four levels of engagement. 

In shamanic work, we understand that we engage with the world on four different levels simultaneously:

  • We engage literally - this speaks to engaging physically and materially. This level can be accessed by the spoken or written word.
  • We engage symbolically - this speaks to the emotional world, all aspects of life that are juicy and rich and that are fluid in a different way than the physical level. This level can be accessed by the spoken or written word.
  • We engage mythically - this speaks to the metaphors, revelations and synchronicities. This level can’t be accessed by the spoken or written word.
  • We engage essentially - this speaks to the pure energetic engagement we have with everything in the universe.

A metaphor I use to explain this is the idea of a sunset. If you watch a sunset:

  • On the literal level, it is orange and red and pink and setting over mountains or the ocean. The air becomes cooler, the light dimmer.
  • On the symbolic level, it gives you hope, makes you calm, inspires you. It’s romantic.
  • The mythic level covers all the things you might think about, revelations you might have, awakenings, moments of insight. These cannot be explained, they just happen inside you while you experience the sunset.
  • The essential level is what is happening to you on a cellular level while you interact with the sunset.

 I hope this lends some understanding to the four levels of engagement.

This protocol will move you individually through healing on each level of engagement. First, we will work on your physical reality - how does it feel to be in your body, how do we improve your relationship to your body, your home, your job. In this level we find ways to bring about 'ayni', a Quetuan word for right relationship and balance. This will involve two sessions, the first an energy healing and the next a counseling session. Here you'll receive assignments designed specifically for you to do over the period of time we are working on the physical body. We will move through each level this way, healing progressively the physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body and the luminous, energy body. We will work on each level for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks. You need to be committed to your end of the work, completing whatever Spirit assigns for you in that time. However, it will be structured with our busy lives and many responsibilities in mind.

This work is designed for you to experience tangible shift in your perception of reality over the comparatively short time frame of two to four months.  In terms of time, you will need to have six to twelve hours for each level to spend on your own healing. This includes time for our sessions.

This work is only for people who wish to actively participate in their own healing. It is a commitment to change for those who are a little tired with how they experience reality. This is not simply about me clearing you but of both of us working together on this process. It will work for children, couples and individuals on any stage of the healing journey. My hope is that it will aid people in finding and creating a map-book to their own joy.

Time: 3-4hrs session time and 6-12 hours home-play per level
Cost: $1600 for eight sessions over 2-4 months

Many people are renegotiating their relationship with money right now and it is important that this work be accessible. Payment plans can be arranged and installments set up so that you can commit to what works for you financially.