Shamanism is the mastery of living energy. For this reason, any sized group can be effectively facilitated through this work, with excellent results. Groups can be built to suit your needs and can be just a couple of hours, full days or even longer. Some examples of groups I have facilitated are:

  • unique gatherings with friends - think 'new-school Tupperware party'
  • groups who are interested in learning about shamanism and it’s practices
  • specific needs or healings for more than one person at a time

Topics addressed in group work can range from abundance, loss, success issues, self esteem, empowering our feminine and masculine sides, working with our inner healer, warrior, teacher and visionary, ceremonies for births, deaths, loss, change or any important life marker, and really, just about anything you can imagine. It’s an amazing opportunity to experience transformation with friends in even just a couple hours.

I have worked with groups from 2-48 people and am happy anywhere in there. What’s most important is that each person takes with them the seeds that bring about beauty and healing in their lives. This is why it’s almost always my preference to cater to and channel for specific groups.