I have been fortunate to be present at many union ceremonies and marriages over the years. While these ceremonies are always incredibly profound, they are often accompanied by a large amount of stress. Many stories get crafted as these important events are organized, and it is my experience that often there is a lot of unnecessary tension and hardship surrounding them. When I have conducted union ceremonies myself and been present for their preparation, I have been amazed at how smooth and informative, enlightening and profound, sweet and obstacle-free these events and their preparation can be when there is someone there to help everyone master all the varied energies and stories that are being co-created. The reduction in stress and the understanding that can come about when this position is held can be significant, which improves the experience for all.

Wedding packages can be tailor-made. Price is dependent on the number of days needed, details of your event and where you are located in the world. I can conduct ceremonies globally, however In some places I can preside over a legal ceremony, whereas in others I can act as Celebrant, but you would need a Justice of the Peace or other licensed officiant. Please inquire for more information.