Team Building

Whether it’s working with corporate groups, business, sports, or social teams, so much of the success of any team endeavor is based on perception - how people are seeing and experiencing reality and each other, and how they move as a collective 'One' towards a goal.

You may think of that language as 'new-agey' or flaky, sometimes it can make even me cringe, but did you know that in many cultures there is literally no word for 'I'? The smallest common denominator is 'We'. When any group can operate from that place, there can be a huge shift in accomplishment, behaviour, and perception.

Whatever process your team is going through and whatever goals they need to achieve, shamanic practices, techniques and ultimately ways of seeing, can aid and support in bringing about success. Any group can be guided into harmony and 'One Mind'.


Our modern age is one where more and more people are realizing that everything is connected, and as we come to this collectively, we are also seeing an increase in corporate responsibility and an engagement with spiritual business practices. It is an exciting time to recognize that we can not only change, but improve this world that we are living in.

We live in a world where 'one-affects-other', where the well-being of the individual supports the well-being of the whole This can be applied to your business. I have been doing corporate work for years, supporting business owners in executing successful contracts, helping to bring about harmony in interpersonal dynamics among employees, tracking all levels of business operations to see where things “smell funny” and advising on changes, opportunities and choices.

Shamans track living energy. If we are to understand all things as relationships of energy, then we can see in any system, where there is health, disharmony, challenge or disorder. As we track the energy system, we can also see what is needed to bring any system to health, balance, abundance and prosperity.

Corporate and business work can be done privately, one-on-one, or in group conferences. Workshops, day or multi-day retreats can be crafted to the needs of your business. Please contact me directly for a consultation.