It didn’t feel quite right to write a regular old bio to share who I am or how I came to this work, so I have decided to share a little of my story.

I was brought to shamanic work through witnessing a close friend undertake a medicine wheel after her life had been struck by tragedy. At this point I had explored so many healing modalities out there, from psychiatry, counselling and depth psychology to dream analysis, EMDR, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, to addiction therapy, regression therapy and hypnotherapy, to name a few. My friend transformed more in the course of a year than I had witnessed in any other kind of healing. I was drawn to do my own training.

Through the tools and practices brought to me from the wheel, I felt dramatic and tangible shifts in how I experienced life. My perception of literally everything changed and I received what I felt was a road-map to living in joy.

The wheel is a training that brings each individual to their destiny, whatever that might be. After I had completed my wheel, I started witnessing different energies in, around and on people. Somehow I suddenly understood whether it had to be removed and how to remove it. Now, I had had some hands on healing experiences before and had worked as an intuitive for years, but this was very different and I had no point of reference for it.

The first healing happened accidentally with the person I worked on communicating that they felt completely different after our session. The next was a curse removal that showed profound and life altering results within 24 hours. Then I felt called to a city where I knew only one person. Although I was still in shock around what I was experiencing, I did healings on the way there and again, received strong feedback.

Not sure of what was happening in my life, I was told to go to another city, again a place where I knew only one person. In the first week there I worked with 18 people, and that’s where it really began. 

About nine years ago, I was called to start teaching medicine wheels. The honour of bearing witness and holding space for individuals through this transformative process is like nothing I could have ever hoped for or imagined.

I was also called to bring this work to the Canadian prison system. I taught at a Native Men’s Prison where I was again privileged to experience the profound magic and healing of this medicine. 

I have had the honour of working with many North American First Nations, including spending time at Wounded Knee with Lakota Sioux leaders and as an alternative healer for the Squamish Nation. Other folks I have worked with are members of the Cree, Blackfoot, Mohawk, Assiniboine, Ojibway, Sto’olo, Stahalis, Esquimalt, Nu’uchanulth, Niiska, Kaatsi, Metis, Dine, Algonquin, Musqueum, Lilloet, Mt. Currie nations. I have also trained and worked with over 18 shaman in Peru, with traditional Aztec practitioners and with the Caara and Huichol nations in Mexico.

Since those first healings, I have never advertised, feeling that if the work worked, people would share that. And if it didn’t work, I didn’t want to be doing it. Over ten years and a few thousand healings later, I have moved away from my own doubts and disbelief in any of this and into a place of gratitude. I am honoured to be able to work with so many amazing individuals all over the world, guiding them away from lives governed by wounds to lives governed by the “beauty way”.

Love Nikki,
Namaste & Hiyaya!
(Thank You) & (Victory to the Heart)